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About Us

Gridirons.TV is a web series designed to create a more open and connected football coaching community. We follow coaches from youth through the professional level exposing an inside the headset perspective on how and why they have chosen to coach.

Our viewers are full of devoted current and future coaches, fans, players and their families. They are looking for anything but cookie-cutter content to empower, motivate and educate themselves on what it really takes to patrol the sidelines as a football coach.

We travel all around the country saluting the brilliant teachers that coach or have coached American football. We’re not going to focus on the hot new uniforms (although we love them just as much as you), or the sick warm-up mix and post game dance-off in the locker room. We’re here to show you what football is really all about: the ups and downs and brotherhood bond that teams go through every season.

If you couldn’t tell already, we are obsessed with what we do and are hoping that our viewers learn and grow from these stories that we are about to unveil.

If you think you’ve found the next Vince Lombardi, or you want your school and staff featured, tell us why at